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Hi. I'm shadownew1, people call me Shada.

I'll accept all friend request, but it doesn't mean we'll be best friends for all eternity. I used to think like that but i got hurt quickly, so dont think like that.

I use Windows Movie Maker for my Sonic videos. Though i wish i had something better >.<

I used to have a Youtube, but it was closed for parental reasons.

Please enjoy my videos as much as you can.

My favorite Sonic character is Shadow The Hedgehog, you'll see him in my videos alot, along with the pairings ShadMaria and ShadRouge.

There really is nothing more for me to say,

Enjoy~ shadownew1

Favorite Movie: Mostley the animated ones, Up, Kung Fu Panda, National Treasure.

Books: WARRIORS! ^.^!
Twilight Saga(Books Only)
The Lightning Thief saga
Gone saga
Many more!

Fancharacters (Sonic)

Shine The Hedgehog
Scarlet the Hedgehog
Jane the Hedgefox
Mew the Cat
Delia the Mouse
Pan the Rabbit
Samone the Raccon

Fancharacters (Warriors)

Position: Medicine Cat
Clan: Used to be in Cloudclan, But Cloudclan broke apart, now she has none.

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