Seth Sharp

Hello and Welcome. My name is Seth Sharp. I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. As a young boy, I dreamed of singing, traveling the world, moving objects with my mind and living in Iceland. Well...three of out of four ain't bad! <br /><br />I started singing to entertain myself while washing dishes. I hated washing dishes but washing them went quickly if I sang. I started making up songs in order to express myself. Singing became my preferred way to communicate. One of my friends nicknamed me "The Jukebox". I really enjoyed singing on stage and then not speaking afterwards. That was always my favorite. <br /><br />I was teaching people to sing in New York and in Iceland and directing shows and teaching theater. A lot of my students and the people who studied with me achieved great success both commercially and personally. They inspired me to focus more on my own musical journey. I made the decision to record some of those crazy songs and twisted ideas that inspired me as a young silent kid who loved to sing but not to talk. <br /><br />My channel shows snippets of my musical journey, including a performance for President Clinton and some performances around Reykjavik and in Africa, including a mind-blowing performance at the largest music festival in Africa for almost 20,000 people. I also had the privilege of performing several times at Carnegie Hall in New York City and for Mother Theresa, in Calcutta, India (but I have no video for those performances, unfortunately!) Little by little, I am piecing together my first album of original material. <br /><br />"A Song For You" is available on I-Tunes as well, under the band name, "Black Clock". <br /><br />Thank you to everyone who wishes me the best and thank you to everyone who urges me to keep singing, writing, directing and performing. Please drop me a line or send me lots of comments. <br /><br />Seth :)