Set Her Apart

Set-Her-Apart (SHA) is a video site that provides education and incentives to consumers, seeking their ideal engagement ring. The site is created by technology evangelists, who understand the delicate balance between romance, quality and value. <br /><br /> * We don’t try to convince you that you love her, we know you do already. <br /> * We don’t try to create a fictitious story about how important diamonds are. <br /> * We don’t pawn over gorgeous celebrities with product placement jewelry. <br /> * We don’t feed the megalomaniac egos of publishers & sponsors of other consumer advocate sites. <br /> * We don’t promote anti diamond, anti monopoly, anti Blood Diamond conversations. <br /> * We don’t promote the commoditization of diamonds. <br /> * We simply believe that your future fiancée has their own unique style, and that you should try to deliver the perfect ring that inspires them.