Thanks for connecting with me, <br /><br />My name is Neil and I'm a father, husband, & online marketer. Together with my wife, we have a total of 6 wonderful children, a dog, & now 2 baby turtles. <br /><br />I'm just like most people I know and create a bond with. Positve -Responsible - Loving - & Especally Committed to Family<br /><br />My Daily Motion channel is dedicated to sharing valuable information related to work on the net and how you too can build a long term income from home, and how you can have fun doing it.<br /><br />I look forward to sharing with you and hope that we can stay connected.<br /><br />Put Love first!<br /><br />P.S. The only constant in Life is change. What are you doing to change with it?<br /><br />Connect here also-<br /><br /><br /><br />Facebook @DiscoverNeilButler<br /><br />Twitter @DiscoverNeil