Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenseless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to out sit eternity. They're indomitable <br />helooooooo <br />I'm Tom (Although i prefer Thomas) and i go to Abbeydale Grange School (not the best school but not worst) my favorite subjects are, Media (as I am currently taking a diploma course) History, Drama . <br />please don't treat me like crap coz I'm a nice person providing they treat me nice back <br />I have a very comical mind and find things funny that most people would find silly <br />I also have a passion for film making because I'm inspired by people like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. <br />I'm also into many TV shows and films that are any good (although i do have low standards on what consider good) and as you can see I am a huge fan of CLASSIC Doctor Who, not so much the new ones, I see it as rather flattering but not very satisfactory as Doctor Who goes, my all time favorite stories are William Hartnell: The Time Meddler Patrick Troughton: The Invasion Jon Pertwee: Frontier In Space Tom Baker: The Deadly Assassins/ Talons of Weng Chiang Peter Davison: Earthshock (liked the bit when Adric died- I was happy as I didn't like him) Colin Baker: The Two Doctors Sylvester McCoy: Battlefield <br />