Secret Four

We are the Dailymotion channel for Secret4Time! <br /><br />Secret4Subs is brought to you by the Secret4Subs team at the Secret Four forums! <br /><br />Secret Four is an international fan forum dedicated to the 4 members of Secret (시크릿)! <br /><br />Members & Positions: <br />Jun Hyosung (전효성) - Leader, Vocalist <br />Zinger (징거) - Rapper <br />Song Jieun (송지은) - Main Vocalist <br />Han Sunhwa (한선화) - Maknae, Vocalist <br /><br />Visit us at <br /><br />Subscribe to our Secret4Subs youtube: <br /> <br /><br />Subscribe to our main youtube: <br /><br />We are currently hiring Korean, Chinese, & Japanese translators, editors, timers, typesetters, QCers, encoders, & uploaders! <br /><br />Follow us on Twitter at: <br /> <br />& <br />