Mifune (pronounced Mee-foo-nay) is Scowlin Owl's debut single. It's a driving, atmospheric folk song about the relationship between Japan's most famous actor Toshiro Mifune and legendary film director Akira Kurosawa, with references to the film Seven Samurai. Mifune and Kurosawa's relationship was the foundation for some of the best samurai movies of all time.<br /><br />Lyrics by Nina Lovelace, Music by Scowlin Owl. Go to to download/purchase music and for gig information. <br /><br />Scowlin Owl are a London, UK based all-female folk band, low on twee but big on drama and vocal harmonies. They're influenced by storytellers from the classic (Dylan, Baez) to the contemporary (Decemberists, Midlake).<br /><br />Massive thanks to Kingman Cheng for Scowlin Owl's animated music video and single artwork.<br />Mifune was recorded by Tim Bazell at Heart of Gold Studios. <br />