Hey, what's up? As you can see from my amv's, <br /><br />i'm a REALLY BIG fan of Naruto. And, i LOVE <br /><br />Naruto: The Abridged Series. It rocks! My fave <br /><br />character is Sasuke. Big surprise? Not <br /><br />really...that's what I don't like about him. <br /><br />Everyone loves him. I like Gaara, Naruto, Rock <br /><br />Lee, Itachi and the Fourth Hokage in that <br /><br />order. They all rock. I also like Beck: <br /><br />Mongolian Chop Squad, Inuyasha, <br /><br />Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka 7 and Gundam <br /><br />Seed; again, in that order. So if you want to <br /><br />add me on your friends list, don't hesitate! I like <br /><br />meeting new people! everyone labels me as <br /><br />either Goth or Emo which I think is stupid <br /><br />because just because I wear black and have an <br /><br />obsession with spikes and dark colours; it <br /><br />doesn't mean that I am Goth or Emo. It's <br /><br />judging a book by the cover which isn't the best <br /><br />thing to do. Who knows? Maybe there's a really <br /><br />good story inside. But enough of me rambling. <br /><br />Watch my amv's and take a look at my faves <br /><br />because they're all really interesting. L8TER! <br /><br />~Just because something isn't proven, doesn't mean that it's not true~