Sara Mazzolini

I'm a songwriter, singer and musician. I dream of another world that I have not seen yet. <br />I like literature and civilisation. I read and write poetry. I write my own lyrics and I compose my own songs.<br />I explore unknown galaxies in faraway places, so far away that I keep wondering if they truly exist in my imagination.<br />I wander around the world, I discover strange dreamscapes and I travel in the virtual world under the guise of my avatar Dream Aquamarine. I also created other characters to have fun with the protagonist. <br />They are Stellartide, Sparkrain, Melolake, Dawnlake, Lake Bliss, Pop Star Bliss, Lissom Girl and Laguna Dream. You can meet me in multiple dream worlds.<br />I design websites and play with animation films. I cross the thresholds between multiple universes. I play with the multiverse of poetry. In the virtual world of wish-fulfillment, I am endowed with supernatural powers. I can fly high in the sky, I can explore other planets and meet new people. <br />I fall upon the unexpected.<br />You can watch my videos and drown in the sea of music!<br />~ Sara Mazzolini