Hello you! <br /><br />You don't know me? Well...the best way to describe myself is to say that I am a passionate dancer! <br /><br />Dance changed my life... It enabled me to know who I am and is a guide in my life. That is where I find my energy, my wel-being, my connexion to the universe. It comforts me when I am sad and amplify me in the happy days. I like its spiritual dimension in the intense moments, the freedom of expression it offers and the fusional communication with others! It's a language without borders. Dancing with and for the people we love is what brings the most magic!! <br /><br />Throughout the years I had several occasion to perform for private companies or parties and to teach tango and salsa with various partners... but it is only since I built my own dance group that I could really realize that using my strong creative energy and sharing this with people was the real goal of my life! I have now created my own show with a fantastic team of dancers and we are willing to conquer the heart of all... spreading our love for dance! <br />So check out our website for more info! <br /><br />Love <br />Sarah