Nelsons Green Cleaners <br />53 Washington street <br />Santa Clara, CA 95050 <br />Plant: (408)246-4666 <br /><br />Nelson's Cleaners was established in 1950 as a local, high quality dry cleaners, services the city of Santa Clara. Since then we have expanded our services to neighboring cities and are well-known throughout the Santa Clara Valley as a premier, full-service dry cleaners. From time-to-time, our name surfaces on the short list of trusted dry cleaners recommend by designer boutiques or famous department stores. WE have also earned the business of many of the area's premium hotels. Customers trust Nelson's Cleaners, from every day work clothes to fine evening garments and bridal attire. We pride ourselves in earning your trust with every completed order. <br /><br />Nelson's Cleaners uses only state-of-the-art technology and equipment in our dry cleaning process. Our equipment not only does an excellent job removing dirt and stains, but it also doe snot harm the fabric in the process. For example, to ensure the purity of the dry cleaning solvent, we operate a solvent distillation plant continuously during our dry cleaning operation. <br /><br />You can be assured your garments will be returned clean and smelling fresh every time. You silk will stay shiny, your wool will be soft, and your cotton and linens will be crisp because we go the extra mile to add special optical brightener, wool conditioners, sizing and other treatments. This is a more costly process, but we do it because tit results in a finished product that is second to none. <br /><br />But, having the right machinery and chemical is just half of the reason for our success. Our employees are experienced, knowledgeable, well trained and dedicated. All take pride in their work to make sure you look your best. <br /><br />We look forward to servicing you and bringing all of this experience and technology, direct to your home or business! <br /><br />Read our testimonials to see what people say about us