WELCOME!!! <br />Please read below for information... <br /><br />I make no copyright claim on any of my videos. <br />All my work is edited and created by me. <br /><br />Name: Sandy <br />I am just an ordinary girl with some strange interests. <br />Making movies is one of them. <br />it's my life. <br />I lost a month of views and subscribers and friends and my dignity for a month in which my channel was "disabled". <br />Kind of strange. I am visually impaired and my sight grows darker all the time. I cannot see. <br /><br />My journey is recorded in my work which is dedicated to those people who, despite a multitude of obstacles, HANG IN THERE and adapt. <br />Now YT has sent me another little gift - removing all the favorites from my original "Jai Ho" Video a SECOND time. <br /><br />I will not stay here and be discriminated against for doing my own work. <br /><br />WATCH new episodes on my channel <br /> <br /><br />