Miley Ray

Thanks so much for checking out The Miley and Mandy Show channel! We would like to take a moment to fill you in on how we got started and what we have become! The Miley and Mandy show began when Mandy who is a professional dancer began to teach me (Miley) a routine to Janet Jackson's, Feedback. Now Mandy has gone through a lot of dancing and performing training and well me... not so much! While Mandy taught me the dance steps we recorded ourselves so we could watch it back and remember the moves. As expected I was not so good and I began to fool around and goof off. Mandy joined me shortly after and as we were joking and having fun the camera never stopped rolling. Once we watched back the video we had made we realized that when we were just being ourselves it was much more entertaining than the dance we had put together! So, we decided to make a dailymotion account and load the video and see what the reaction. Not expecting the success that it has brought, the next morning we had thousands of views and over one million messages requesting more of The Miley and Mandy Show! We began to load more and more videos and now the show has become something more than ever expected. Mandy and I have been best friends for 2 years and we are closer than ever and the show is a HUGE part of that! We get to spend lots of time together and share a lot of laughs. Now, the song writer in me is seeing this as a perfect opportunity to use a little metaphor. For me and Mandy laughter is like sunshine to a flower.... It helps it grow and be brighter and even more beautiful than it was ever expected to be. Ok... I had my cheesy moment, Moving on! If we've learned anything through this experience it is that with every great thing in life comes something bad. We have received millions of messages and comments and 99% of them are wonderful and extremely encouraging! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH & BE SURE TO KEEP TUNING IN!!! =] <br /><br />love always, <br />Miley and Mandy <br />