Samuel M. Lam, MD, FACS

Dr. Lam was raised in Dallas and finished his secondary education at Cistercian Preparatory School, where he graduated as Valedictorian, before going on to complete his undergraduate studies at Princeton University and his medical school at Baylor College of Medicine, both with distinction. He then trained for six years at Columbia University in head and neck surgery. After completion of his residency, he pursued a competitive post-graduate fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has also spent considerable time abroad studying under prominent Japanese and Korean surgeons to perfect his knowledge of the Asian face after his cosmetic surgery fellowship. His principal training has catered to the Caucasian face, which his first textbook, Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation: A Practical and Systematic Guide to Surgical Management of the Aging Face (Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA, 2003/ ISBN: 0-7817-5093-8), addresses.