Mike Yanes

Mr. Ulloa created his own recording studio in the heart of Colombia, developing his own style, salsa dura and descargas. IN 2000, Mr Ian Morrison from Europe start and aggressive distribution show the east how strong and active Salsa International still is. We artists, the best on classic salsa and only jewels on music, collectables item. Names as Santiago Ceron, Chivirico Davila, Orquesta Tentacion, Orquesta Capri, Charlie Palmieri, Descargas All Star, Brooklyn Sound; are just a few examples of these extend catalog. <br /><br />In this moments, MIlton Ulloa (Artistic Director/owner), Ian Morrison (distribution) and Mike Ynaes (General manager) are the key in the new face of this old and classic New York Salsa Label. Visit www.salsainternational.us and www.radiosalsainternational.com <br />