( For more info, pics and videos go to ) This group was designed for sparking interest in the long lost CBS television show known as "Run Buddy Run". This group will provide an outlet for any and all who wish to rally for this show's release, or anyone else who wants to know more about it. This program was made in a time when life was simpler, and bound by mIn the 1960's, a show called "Run Buddy Run" debuted on CBS, it shared a time slot with popular shows such as "I Dream of Genie" with Barbara Eden, which may have led to the show being overlooked by the populous. This show was more family oriented, and in a time where most households had only one television set, it was often seconded by more "popular" shows of the time. <br />The show centers around Buddy Overstreet, an unlucky man who finds himself in a steam bath with four mob bosses, and accidentally overhears their mob secret, "Chicken Little". The setting of the program changes from episode to episode, as Buddy constantly finds himself running from the most dangerous man in the country, Mr. Devere. <br />This show is unique in its genre, as it has very competent enemies, who display typical mob-like tendencies, but also is very comical, and situationally humorous. Unlike other shows of its time, it used clever skits and actually intelligent jokes and lines that were not dependent on overly stupid characters. Possibly the best feature of the show is that it didn't follow the mainstream, and had all likable characters. Both the good characters and mob members were alike in the fact that they were all appealing to the audience. A combination of serious acting and comedy in near-perfect balance, made the show believable and yet still funny.