Belle Nigri

Hi, i'm Belle and there's some things I like to say. <br /><br />Please don't steal my videos.Would you like if somebody do this to you? <br /><br />My videos are only for fun, not profit. <br /><br />My videos content(movies, Tv-shows) are ripped from the dvd's, with exceptions. <br /><br />Tv Shows: Supernatural. One Tree Hill. <br /><br />Charecters: Sam Winchester(Supernatural). Dean Winchester(Supernatural). Ruby(Supernatural).Bela Talbot(Supernatural).Becky Warren(Supernatural).Jo Harvelle(Supernatural).Brooke Davis(One Tree Hill).Nathan Scott(One Tree Hill).Peyton Sawyer(One Tree Hill).Serena Van der Woodsen(Gossip Girl).Blair Waldorf(Gossip Girl). <br /><br />Couples: Sam Winchester_Serena Van der Woodsen.Dean Winchester_Andrea Barr.Sam Winchester_Peyton Sawyer.Dean Winchester_Haley James.Dean Winchester_Jo Harvelle.Sam Wichester_Ruby.Dean Winchester_Bela Talbot.Dean Winchester_Brooke Davis. <br /><br />That's it.Hope you like my videos. <br /><br />Check out my YT channels: <br /><br />carlywolf - <br />ruby1420 - <br />sweetlovebrathan - <br /><br />Blog Spot (The Best Tv Shows News) -