Chaimaa dramasloves

ohayo minassan j sui fan et accro dramas: <br />DRAMA VU: full house /dal ja's spring <br />a love to kill / gokusen1&2 <br />hana yori dango1&2 / kimi wa petto <br />hanazakari kimitachi e/kurosagi <br />devil beside you / 1 pound no fukuin <br />sapuri / stand up <br />hello miss / nodame contabile1&2+sp1/2 / witch yoo hee / wonderful life <br />snow white /tatta hitotsu no koi <br />attention please / nobuta wo produce /stand up / que sera sera <br />why why love / my girl <br />coffee prince / fantasy couple <br />pikanshi1&2 / last friend <br />anego / mei-chan no shitsuji <br />goong / three dads and one mom <br />my lovely sam soon /hong gil dong <br />hello my teacher / 18.29 <br />it started with a kiss /time between dog and wolf /bull fighting /zettai kareshi <br />iljimae <br />dramas en cours:let's go to school sang doo <br />binbo danshi / my love patzzi <br />/ it started with a kiss 2 <br />film vu: how to keep my love <br />my sassy girl / my little bride <br />100 pounds beauty / ing.. <br />windstruck / detective conan <br />100 Days with Mr. Arrogant / crows zero he was cool / waters <br />happy jmovie /Innocent Steps <br />a moment to remember / She's on Duty movie Flying Boys / seducing mr. perfect <br />My Boyfriend Is Type B / My Tutor Friend 1&2 <br />Going Crazy Waiting / Antique Bakery/My Tutor Friend/spy girl/fly daddy fly/kurosagi/hana yori dango/art of fighting