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I am a retired man from barcelona city (NE of SpaiN). I wich to inform everybody about my cultural research including Mars planet exploration.
I ask for international help to spread a satellite of the NASA Montserrat Mt.
Do not submit sales or purchases. I will talk about virtual altruism.
I’m the only one to disseminate photo very enlarged, in which appears the mountain of Montserrat (Catalonia-Spain) with aspect of bearded man face and a signal in the center of your forehead. http://webspace.webring.com/people/or/ramonetriu/montserrat.html
It is a very surprising graphic phenomenon, because in reality the human face is formed by hundreds of different sizes penalties very eroded. They form a compact group that measures 10 km. long, by 5 km. wide (its total perimeter of 25 km.). It is a profile of face human to observe it invites to meditation. I tried to spread it with the greatest possible dignity by respect.
I have 70 years old, and knowing that soon already not I can continue broadcasting for much longer this immaterial and enduring legacy discovered in our era, invite others to collaborate with me eagerly, so that with its initiative to achieve, each in its way, the Montserrat human face may be known around the world.