Hey! We're Ross and Chris Reviews. We review movies. We started during the summer of 2008, late June. We eventually gained a small fan base on YouTube, until our account got suspended We consist of two young-adults, Chris has the more livelier voice, and Ross has the somewhat drab voice. We try to give a more complex review instead of the usual "This movie sucked a lot. Thumbs down.". Always, we try for our reviews to have a minor complexity, usually we do this by questioning the film's logic. We question the film's logic by using our sense of smart, sarcastic humor. We also try for our reviews to be un-bias. When it seems like we are being bias, we really aren't, we are just questioning the film's logic. <br />We have 3 segments: Reviews, TA(Trailer Analysis), and Rants. <br /><br />If you like our videos, subscribe to us on YouTube: <br /> <br />Our Website: <br />