Ron G Holland is a seasoned entrepreneur, age 60, and has been written up as Britains Leading Motivational Speaker, Top Biz Guru and the Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur. Ron is one of the worlds leading exponents on the subject of thinking and non-thinking. He gives numerous seminars and presentations and has been interviewed by TV, radio and the press on four continents. He specialises in raising equity funding for early stage and start-up companies. His passion is fast cars, motorcycles and speedboats. <br /><br />Ron has been at the bleeding edge of personal development and self-help for over thirty years. He is the author of many business books, manuals and audio programs including Talk & Grow Rich and Turbo Success and The Eureka! Enigma (which is released in September 2009 and already has glowing testimonials from Brian Tracy, Johnny Wimbrey, Bruce King and many others). His first book, Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu was published in 1977 and his audio programs, including Escape From Where I Am are in every prison library in the UK, and have been highly acclaimed. <br /><br />He is in the process of raising a billion dollars a year for charity using mind power. This it an Internet campaign known as the Billion Dollar Biker and is gathering massive momentum on a daily basis. <br /><br />Best Sellers: Talk & Grow Rich, Turbo Success, The Eureka Enigma (Coming sept 2009) <br />Career Focus: Author, speaker, Entrepreneur, top biz guru, personal development , self help <br /><br />The new book The Eureka! Enigma is now available from Learn about the most powerful visualization techniques that work from Top Biz Guru - Ron G Holland