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Romy Beat - Talento & Fantasia - Io , Scrittore Realista e Visionario <br />Romy Beat - Talent & Fantasy - I , Writer Realistic and Visionary<br /><br />I ... Want to Be ! ...<br /><br />< The Fantasy is more important than the knowledge > <br /><br />My idea for life is : LIVE AND LET LIVE <br />my reason of life is : EVERYTHING OR NOTING<br /><br />I am ... Romy ... Romy Beat ! ... Writer&Screenwriter ... Talent&Fantasy ... of everything ... and ... Very more ... Infinitely ... more ...<br /><br /><br />Lady and Gentleman - Present - Romy Beat<br /><br />Graphic advertising, Creative Advertising, Web design, expert of the internet and hardware, work with PC and MAC, Signs, Illuminated Signs, Signboard Road, National advertising campaign - Posters of paper & Posters Bright 6x3, Itinerant advertising with trucks and patented structures for advertising campaigns and local and national, digital printing, Sports men, Sports <br /><br />Manager, Manager of amusement parks for children and adults, Environmentalist, Blogger ... and now, for the last five years, ( 2007 ) Writer & Screenwriter.<br />An Innovator in the field, below and above all copied from competition .<br />Inventor with innovative ideas.<br /><br />I have about 99 stories to write and publish, of all literary genres, with 7 books ready to publish, of which 4 have already been published.<br /><br />MY FUTURE AMBITIOUS PROJECT :<br /><br />Become the greatest writer of the world , translated into all the languages of the planet .<br /><br />I TRY! ... I am searching ...<br /><br />Person or persons who believe in me, in my work , in my writing style , my style to tell , in my style of thinking things , also for future , in my visions , in my immense creative and fantasy .<br />I support and sponsor within the limits of their human possibilities and intellectual . <br /><br />e-commerce :<br /><br /><br /><br />FINALLY !<br />Welcome to the website of the Shop&Book by Romy Beat <br />THE SITE SELLING DIRECT ONLINE by Romy Beat <br /> <br /><br /> <br />