Rodney Lough Jr

Rodney Lough Jr., an award-winning Master Photographer, is beloved by over 40,000 fine art collectors worldwide. Renowned for the vibrant colors and vivid textures of his wilderness and landscape photography, Rodney is a purist who captures what nature creates, using no color filters or darkroom deception. <br /><br />Rodney has been viewing life through the lens since the age of 12. His father's best friend, a photographer, noted young Rodney's eye for composition and encouraged him to photograph his world. More than documenting his travels through life, Rodney has enabled thousands to view the natural world from a unique, celebratory perspective. <br /><br />"The world is a remarkable place full of beauty and splendor," Rodney exclaims. "To witness the simple grandeur of creation, the miracle of nature, is perhaps all that we need. The peace received while viewing a leaf turned color at the height of fall is immense and divine."