Rodney Lazaro <br /> <br /><br />LIKE ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS, I'M JUST A GUY WORKING TOWARDS BEING A FEATURE FILMMAKER. CURRENTLY I'M WORKING ON THE FESTIVAL CIRCUIT WITH MY EXPERIMENTAL SHORTS. I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN FILM (PRE AND POST PRODUCTION), DIGITAL MEDIA AND ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, GRAPHIC AND WEB DESIGN. . . <br /><br />I'D DROP WHAT I'M DOING AT ANYTIME TO HELP MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS OUT. ASK, I GOT A PRETTY AWESOME HISTORY. NEVER GOT INTO TROUBLE OR EFFECTED MY LIFE NEGATIVELY BY DOING SO. . . BUT THEN AGAIN I HAVE FRIENDS THAT WON'T LET YOU FALL INTO THE CRAPPER. SO IT'S A LEVELED SEE-SAW. <br /><br />Rodney Lazaro <br /> <br /> <br /><br />EDUCATION <br /><br />San Francisco State University (Graduate Program in Film) <br />UC Irvine (BA in Film and Media Studies and Minor in Digital Arts) <br />Solano College (AA in Film/TV Production and Liberal Arts) <br /><br />SELECTED COURES <br /><br />Advanced Film Production, Photography, Film and Television History, Multi-Camera TV Production and Switch Boards, Film Criticism and Theory, Race and Culture in Film, Film-Noir Studies, African American Film Studies, Music Video Studies, Horror Film Studies, World Cinema, Title Sequences, Digital Technologies and Multi-Media Digital Design, Computer Music Production, Women's Psychology, General Psychology, Sociology, North American and World History <br /><br />OTHER SKILLS <br /><br />PC and MAC Cross Browse and Limitations, Microsoft Office, Digital and Film SLR Photography and Film/Digital Cinematography, 8mm,16mm, 35mm, Digital Music/ Video/Sound Conversion and Optimization, DVD Authoring, Dark-Room Photography Development, Linear Editing, Non-Linear Editing: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Dynamic Link Editing, Rotoscoping, Motion Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dream Weaver, Gimp, Gif Animation, Adobe After-Effects, Hex-Editing, Web Design, Adobe FLASH, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript