Thanks for your advice! I'll look for a backup channel, I already thought about that. :-) Let's see how long it'll take until something happened ;-)
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I know you get this request all the time, but where did you get all the videos to upload them here? Is there any way they can be shared on a file hosting website? By the way, I'm devastated that all your hard work was deleted. I'd like to thank you for all the effort : )
L'anno scorso di dm_505ca42b22f1f
Pleaseee help us :(....
L'anno scorso di GraztH
Eliza Suzuki
hi!! it seems like all videos were deleted :( i watched the first part until episode 330 but now that i got in here to watch the second part until 730 eveything is gone :( could you please give me some links to download eveything or sth like this? i want to watch it a lot since the eskimo project channel deleted it too in the past. thank you very much for your consideration!
L'anno scorso di Eliza Suzuki

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