The Rhythm of Health™: Post-Traumatic Stress Education and Relaxation Training Program <br /><br />“Who Else Wants to Unlock the Powerful Secrets Many Have Used to Recover Quickly From Traumatic Stress!" <br /><br />Do You Want to Say Yes to Profound Positive Changes in Your Life and Accept a Constructive and Healthy Future? <br /><br />If you experience Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms, it's important for you to understand that you are okay. And what you are experiencing is normal. Post-Traumatic Stress is a normal response to an abnormal situation. <br /><br />And yet . . . after a traumatizing experience we have to re-train our body and mind to relax and experience the world again as a safe and comfortable place. And you can do that with greater ease and comfort than you ever thought possible. And you'll discover how in just a few moments. Because Many others, just like you, have said "Yes" to recovery . . . so you can too. <br /><br />The Rhythm of Health: Post-Traumatic Stress Education and Relaxation Training Program is a five-module program that gives you all the resources you need right now to enjoy an easy recovery with every aspect of your life. <br /><br />The modules are: <br /><br />Module 1: Trance Training: Training the Mind to Heal the Body <br />Module 2: Relaxation Training: Training the Body to Optimal Health <br />Module 3: Post-Traumatic Stress Education: Essential Knowledge to Maximize Healing and Speed Recovery <br />Module 4: Resources and Community: Integration with Others and the World <br />Module 5: Fine Tuning: Improving Specific Scenarios and Successfully Moving On