Pepper Wiginton

Hello world. I’m a person still in transition. I retired from my position as the chief executive of a multi-million dollar financial institution after more than twenty five years in the industry. Retirement was short lived as boredom can be a definite driving force. My first reaction was to return to work in the same industry yet then I realized it was time that I did something I wanted to do rather than what was just easy. I became a business entrepreneur and gained the ultimate independence. I used all the skills I had perfected over the years to start a successful business. This transition has brought me immense blessings and perhaps most important, helping others to find their success gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction. <br />If you’re wondering about my name, Rhinestone Pepper, it comes from my passion for collecting and wearing vintage costume jewelry. I particularly love rhinestones. Most of my collection is from the 1940's and 1950's yet some of my pieces come from the Art Deco period. I'm that petite person with a tall personality who loves wearing her rhinestones!! <br />Introduce yourself to me. I would love to get to know you as a person. Our paths may be crossing for a purpose that will reveal itself later. <br />