****************************** *** <br />"Wisdom is knowing how little we know.". ~ Socrates <br />****************************** ***** <br />I have been working within since I was a small child. As a child, I didn't know what I was doing, or why, I just remember enjoying the results. My connection was strong as I grew into a young adult. <br /><br />As time moved on, I got caught up in the 3D, and I'm embarrassed to say, a bit of materialism. I even noticed myself become judgemental of others. Fortunately, life threw me a curve ball and set me straight. <br /><br />I am happy with myself again. My values as well. I now spend time going within. I remind myself, each morning, to be kind to others. I make an effort to be in the moment and experience joy and laughter. This does not mean that I turn my head from the seriousness going on in the world. I feel it is not fear-mongering to attempt to make others aware of these things. After all, the 3D reality can be a great motivator. Plus, I am an optimist. <br /><br />Yes, there are horrible things happening in the world, and there are horrible people with authority who have misplaced values, and no empathy or compassion. In fact, somehow, in the new ethos, compassion = Bleeding Heart. This reality does not leave me without hope. I KNOW, that the human heart and the human soul are much more powerful than those who wield force. I see the distinction between power and force. I know in my heart that many are doing their inner work now. I know this because we are all connected; we all benefit from this work. I know, as we make the coming global shift, that there will be a new dawning. I choose to rise to the occasion. <br /><br />Country: United States <br />Website: