Mexican Artist and Sculptor and head of the Organic Village, Puerto Morelos, Mexico <br />Posted by Renato on May 11, 2009 03:06pm in the Default Category category. This post was viewed 0 times. "We are hiers to ancient history and culture" Renato Dorfman Contemporary Sculpture in the Mexican Caribbean Renato Dorfman is a sculptor who has been able to build a foundation for a body of work that has a highly developed character. Dorfman´s work is a combination of tradition, contemporary style and a certain audacity. Resident of the Mexican Caribbean since 1986, Renato has surpassed not only his own regional boundaries but Mexico´s as well. His work can be found in Mexico City, Ixtapa, Guanajuato, Ciudad Juarez, right on the border and naturally, in Cancún and along the Riviera Maya. On an international level, besides winning the gold medal at the first biennial for the plastic arts in Florence, Italy in 1997, he has had expositions in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Spain and the U.S. He has also done commissioned work in Switzerland and the Island of Jamaica. Renato is an artist who is not only committed to his creativity and design, but also is responsive to the ecological challenges of his immediate surroundings. As a result, the establishment of the Organic Village, a Center for Sustainable Living, Holistic Healing and the Arts