Red Zombie

"When I'm Right, I'm Right". "And When I'm Wrong, I Could've Been Right". "So I'm Still Right Because I've Could've Been Wrong." <br />Terrence Howard as "Bama" in the movie, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'". <br /><br />"He know what you do before you do it. Knew what you'll do when you did it, and knows what you'll do when you leave here." Mike Epps as Rev. Cisco Taylor in the movie, "Lottery Ticket". <br /><br />"Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I ever know. Live & die on this day... Live & die on this day." Liam Neeson as John Ottway in the movie, "The Grey". <br /><br />!/redzombie13 <br /> <br /><br />Horror, Terror/Dark Suspense, Grindhouse/Exploitation, Blaxploitation, Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, Halloween, Voodoo, Snuff Movies, Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Comic Book-Based Fantasy Movies, Comics/Magazines/Graphic Novels, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Techno, Rap, Drums, Synthesizers, Football (NFL/NCAA/CFL/Arena), Internet Porn, Perversion, Sex.