Red Bull Bedroom Jam

RED BULL BEDROOM JAM RE-LAUNCHES IN 2009 <br /><br />Red Bull Bedroom Jam is expanding in 2009 to become a true ‘career building’ concept. Kicking off on Monday 23rd February at 5:00pm, the first show of the year will once again showcase some of the UK’s best up and coming talent. Season 1 runs every Monday from 23rd February to 23rd April. Season 2 sees Red Bull Bedroom Jam move out of the bedroom and onto the stage. This exciting development will see the creation of an Under 18 festival platform for many of our previous artists to perform at events such as The Camden Crawl and Underage Festival. Season 3 runs from 14th September to 30th November, culminating in the grand finale of year which will be a live tour of UK in a specially kitted out tour bus by the ‘lighthouse’ bands of the Bedroom Jam scheme. <br /><br />Red Bull Bedroom Jam’s ( aim is to provide a live musical outlet for young bands and musicians, aged 19 years or younger. It is the first online platform ever to combine a user generated video music content jukebox with a LIVE peer-to-peer streaming facility. Bands and artists upload their videos to and then users vote for their favourite video. The most popular video gets selected for a live-streamed performance directly from their bedrooms. On broadcast day, the Red Bull Bedroom Jam crew collect the musicians and selected mates and fans, and the winners rock out in front of the camera. <br /><br />Red Bull Bedroom Jam launched in September 2007 with a live gig online by Kerrang award nominees, Youmeatsix. This has been followed by several performances around the UK from other young bands including Furthest Drive Home, Linchpin, My Passion, Area 15, Saving Aimee, Lyrikal Squad, Lil Rascals and Maverik. In 2008 it grew to host 3 series’ of 8 shows broadcast from the bedroom to the world. <br /><br />