I’m Anne, and I am the Red Blooded American Girl. I believe in America and in its greatness. But its greatness lies in the ideas that founded it, and Americans have become lazy about being American: physically, spiritually, and intellectually. The purpose of my blog is to stimulate discussion and passion about how we can revive America’s greatness. <br /><br />I used to be an attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, where I was involved in cases dealing with Constitutional Law and environmental issues. I wrote a number of briefs for the United States Supreme Court and federal circuit courts of appeal on federal power, federal agencies, and on individual rights. I also wrote articles and editorials on these subjects, and did frequent radio interviews regarding the cases our foundation was involved in. <br /><br />Today, I am a wife and homeschooling mother of four children, and I write this blog as well as articles on various subjects that stimulate my interest.