Mark Whitely

Always ready to have a rock' in time. I believe that every one of us have the God Given Ability to do what we want in life and to live that More Than Abundant Life that God so clearly laid out in his book. So today is your day to get it right!! Let's get the gears spinning and the wheels tuning and tires smoking lighting up the night! <br /><br />You get just one chance in this lifetime. And the clock is ticking. Put on the gloves and come out fighting!! Don't let the sun go down without giving it your best shot each day. Each day God has given each of us 86,400 seconds, no more -- no less, it's you and only you that can make it happen. You have to change the direction of that old road that you been going on! <br /><br />Today is the day to turn the page on life and start seeing life through a different window... <br /><br />Let me know how I can help! <br /><br />~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~$~~~