ruben echevarria

hello, mmy name is ruben echevarria. I'm a fellow network marketer who wants you to succed in your business. like you, i was looking for a way to make extra money. i found mlm. the first company i joined required a $200 buy in and a $150 auto-ship. I found out really quick how hard it was to keep up a high auto-ship order and market the business too. after months of fustration i decided to change gears and look for a low cost company. after some reaserch i decided on two very low cost programs, the two companies go hand and hand and the best part is that my total auto-ship is under $24 a month and that includes both programs. that leaves me with alot more dollars to market the business. program 1 helps build program 2 which is my primary business. since the cost of my business is very low , more people are willing to look at what i have to offer. don't underestimate the power of low cost programs. they are a perfect solution for today's economy. looking forward to making new friends- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!