The Legend of RATA <br />“A man with dreadlocks is walking the streets of Cabarete. <br />An older Dominican is calling «RATA, hey look over here!» <br />Then the old man to say: «Hey RATA, Bob Marley!» <br />He now understands: «OK it is me the old man is calling by the name of RATA!» <br />Dominicans speak a Spanish with silent «S». The old man said «RATA» when he actually meant «rasta». <br />After travelling the world, in search of waves and wind, the legend of RATA started. <br />The wind is playing in the palm trees, <br />The waves are breaking in the distance, <br />We will ride the elements, <br />Sun is shining <br />See you in the water!” <br /><br />The Legend of GATA <br />GATA was the most beautiful girl living on a tropical island <br />Her beauty was so majestic that all the men started fighting for her <br />It was decided to send her far away in the middle of the ocean <br />At night GATA comes back from the depth of the sea <br />and takes men with her forever... <br /><br />