Shampel Jackson

RapTV is the network that works for you every place in the virtual world you <br />need to be or have you're brand seen. Established in 1984 in Minneapolis <br />Minnesota. Rap TV first launched with a simple news letter which grew into a <br />magazine and then a cable tv show on the MTN cable network. In 1986 RapTV <br />launched a VHS tape series and sent a street team of teens and young adults out <br />on a promotion tour which set the pase for what was to come in the 3 years prior <br />to the launch of the world wide web. The combination of ground work and <br />virtual world talk sparked the concept of a new platform for entertainment <br />marketing which would change the way Rap Music reached Rap fans around the <br />world. The marketing world wanted nothing to do with Rap music or Rap <br />artists which left an entire group of people with daily disposable income on <br />their own to get their product to the public. RapTV's founder understood the <br />depths of music marketing and networking as well as the needs of the urban youth <br />using the art form. The cost of production for a basic demo tape in the late 80s <br />was just out of the reach of most of the young people involved in the HipHop <br />movement. The RapTV House was opened and designed to house 5 artists at a <br />time as they worked on demo projects and in exchange they would agree to be part <br />of a study about Hip Hop culture. By the mid 90s the Rap market was <br />booming now were stronger than ever. <br />visit us at