RAFIQI (Swahili for friend) is the latest development emerging from the creative MYNDZ COMMUNITY audio team. This musical trio offers a unique fusion of Namibian and Kenyan “Pop” music culture. <br /><br />Biography <br /><br />Rafiqi is an ever growing group like a new born baby, with an avant-garde instrumentation coupled with straight talk afro-centric lyrics. It all started at the start of this millennium under the hot sun of the Kalahari where Kenyan-born Ezeek (Kariuki wa Ngotho) & Jothee (Kiiru wa Ngotho) found Namibia as their new residential area and soon met up with Makhosa Man also widely known as Boli (Richard Mootseng), a veteran in the local media and performing arts industry. <br /><br />RAFIQI (coined from Rafiki meaning friends in Swahili dialect) landed them a distribution deal and finally dropped the long awaited debut album on CD; A Lil Beat O’Kulcha that tremendously sold out since 2005. <br /><br />Dubbed "Rafiqimusic", their music is a fusion of folklore, Afro-pop, Soul and Hip Hop, bringing a unique sound to its audience. Rafiqi produces potent lyrics riddled with phraseology, which Ezeek, Jothee and Makhosa Man have embraced throughout their journeys to various corners of the world. <br />Rafiqi are privileged with the opportunity of working with an array of like-talented artists and producers across the savannah and globe, constantly re-birth their repertoire in Rafiqimusic that grasps people of all ages and walks of life. <br />The group continues to spread Rafiqimusic across the continent and into the Diaspora and welcomes all support in taking the group to more places.