Throughout history people have strived to achieve true freedom. They fought with all their might to achieve it and died defending it. Yet despite the greatest efforts and bravery of these people tyranny still governed most of the known world throughout history.

Today we believe that those days are behind us. We believe that we have already attained true democracy. In the west tyranny and oppression are taught as history, after all dont we decide who governs us? Dont we decide how they run our countries?

We believe that we have created the perfect society. The police enforce the law and our soldiers defend the society we have created. Why then have we illegally invaded Iraq? Why have our governments lied to us? and Why are key political and scientific leaders being arrested or killed by our own governments? The perfect society that we see around us is an illusion, created in order to control us and prevent us from defending our freedom and civil liberty. The truth is that now is no different than it was two thousand years ago, tyranny still rules the world we just cant see it.

The measures we introduced to defend freedom and democracy have been twisted and manipulated to become mere tools with which we have been subdued. The police no longer enforce justice and righteousness but what the government deems to be the law. The laws that once protected us from misery and oppression are being destroyed in order to defend us from illusionary threats created by the government.

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