Jennifer Darden

All artist, all the time in talent and temperament. I live happily, and predominantly out of my right brain. Whether I'm creating a pictorial, textual, or edible canvas, it starts with an idea and the freedom to explore where intuitive expression will lead. <br /><br />When you want the right text vibe, <br />You must hire the best scribe. <br /> - audio and video scripts, ebooks, articles, and web copy. <br /><br />Tipsy's her name, <br />Cooking with alcohol's her game. <br /> - Recipes, ideas, advice, Fun, AND a new cookbook coming out soon! <br /><br />One moment captured and held, <br />When vision and reality meld. <br /> - portraits, events, snow, sunsets, flowers, animals...whatever sparks my spirit AND meets my clients needs!