Muhammad Qamar Shahbaz Chishti

Nobel Personality of Muhammad Qamar Shahbaz Chishti: Al-Hmdullillah one of the leading Sana Khwan (Naqeeb e Mehfil) around the world. He is the one of the Famous and Popular Naqeeb e Mehfil in Pakistan. He is loved across the world for his beautiful style of reciting Naat Sharif in tehtul lafz style to express the love of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad Qamar Shahbaz Chishti talent was recognized and brought forward to the public at a very little age. Many competitions arranged during his student life, he had won the 1st position. He has also participated in national competitions in Pakistan where he had also won the 1st prize. Purpose of Naqabat: Muhammad Qamar Shahbaz Chishti says that my mission of Naqabat is only one that to spread the message of love with our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He wants to listen the Greatness of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in every Muslim's home in all over the world.