Pushpesh Baid

Pushpesh Baid Bio- Entrepreneurship or operating a private business is the best way to make the dreams come true. You are just a servant with a fixed salary in the job but the entrepreneur is the master said Pushpesh Baid to a visiting correspondent. Pushpesh Baid is a restaurateur of Udaipur and has become a noted figure of the locality. From a young age Pushpesh Baid aspired to open his own restaurant but family problems always blocked the way. He finally decided to become restaurateur after identifying potential opportunities in this business and arranged for finance. <br />According to Pushpesh Baid he is lucky to be born on the royal land of Rajasthan. This state is a hub for many charismatic tourist destinations and thus I decided to try my luck in this field. The correspondent asked Pushpesh Baid to reveal the secrets about the recipes of the cuisines served at his restaurant but the latter refused politely. There is nothing special in the foreign cuisines but I cannot afford to reveal the secrets of Indian dishes because competitors will definitely find ways to disturb the growth of my business. <br />When the journalist asked Pushpesh Baid about future plans the latter replied that I am quite confident about the success. My present restaurant is just an experimental model; if the results appear to be favorable and enchanting then definitely I will proceed further with my plans. Pushpesh Baid is a man of principles; he has issued strict orders to the staff that no guest should be ever served with stale food. He is ready to bear the loss but does not want to tarnish his image.