MMA Fight Report caught up with the former WEFC champion Christian Beyers for an interview about his upcoming bout with undefeated Keith Tan. <br /><br />MFR:Christian,what is going on in your mind right now 2 weeks before the fight? <br /><br />Christian Beyers:I'm ready this fight means the world to me.I have been training my ass off for this fight.I want to win. <br /><br />MFR:Keith Tan has been telling people that your soft and mentally broke from your last 2 losses in the octagon.Can you respond to that? <br /><br />Christian Beyers:Far from mentally broke but I hope he thinks that because when fight time comes he's going to know that im far from that.Those to last losses were hard for me but I am a fighter.I'm just going to step in the octagon and redeem that loss. <br /><br />MFR:How have you been training for this fight? <br /><br />Christian Beyers:I have been training 6 days a week since March 3.I am working on Cardio,Boxing,Jui-Jitsu,Takedown Deffense,Takedowns,and Wrestling. <br /><br />MFR:Who is training you for this fight? <br /><br />Christian Beyers:Tito Ortiz-Boxing,Strength,and Conditioning.Chris Brennan,Tim Carey,and Jonny Orzoco-Jiu-Jitsu.Jonny Orzoco-Wrestling.Saul Soliz-Boxing and Takedowns. <br /><br />WFR:We all know this is your last fight with the WEFC.How do you think it will affect you leaving a buisness that you have been around for 9 years? <br /><br />Christian Beyers:It's going to be hard for me