Punish Fort

Punish Fort hearkens to the time when the denim-clad army of true rockers roamed the streets, smokes adangle, ready to lash out at a system that never cared; a system that still doesn't care. It's time to muster courage and mount the insurrection that was stymied by comfort so long ago. <br />Punish Fort is a hard rock band hailing from north Seattle comprised of locally grown musicians. Lyrically, their songs are a balance of social indictment, rally cry, warning, humor, and nonsense. The music currently fits in a short range of tempo developed to challenge the listener and provide a mechanism for releasing energy. <br /><br />Punish Fort began in lead singer Noel S. Philip's bedroom at his personal computer recording songs a' cappella for amusement and a desire for a creative outlet. Impromptu performances at parties were well-received for their entertainment value, and Philip cultivated thoughts of backing his vocals with the instrumental talent he lacked. After calling in favors from high-school friends and long-time musicians John Schupp and Jason Petty, the three began composing and arranging song structures. A dearth of percussion was eliminated when Jordan Appleton joined the group to satisfy his craving for a project outside his own solo work. Mark Mamelson completes the rhythm section; bringing years of musicianship and compositional talent with his bass guitar. Punish Fort is represented by longtime friends John H. Titus and Mark D. Titus who fill the roles of manager and manager/film producer, respectively. The considerable sum of talent and resources affords Punish Fort the opportunity to develop film projects to complement their self-produced demo and upcoming debut album, "Cripe, all mighty," set for release later this year.