Misty Oakley

I am a bit nerdy and a slight bit wacky. I like kitties and movies and good food. see my website www.myspace.com/mistysblog <br /> <br />I enjoy gardening and music, lots of different kinds....you name your type of music and if I haven't already tried it I will try it at least once! Just to give you an idea, my current iTunes folders contain Eminem, Chopin, Toby Keith, Patsy Cline, Britney Spears, AFI, Alan Parsons Project, Taylor Hicks, Ray Charles, Johnny Lee Hooker, Amy Grant, Stryper, and Elvis. How's that for variety?? <br /> <br />I also like to donate my computer background time to science to help research for CANCER. You can do it too! Just ask! It's through an organization called World Community Grid. Through it, you can also donate computer time to research for Aids and other terrible diseases. The program runs on your computer in the background and you'll hardly notice it!