I am somewhat different from the average dailymotion visitor (at least, that's what I think), because I am 47 years old and female. Until 8 years ago, I couldn't imagine why people wanted to have a videocamera. But than we went on our honeymoon to the Gambia and there we met two nice ladies from Amsterdam who filmed and sent us the movie. Whow! You could really bring your vacation to life! And since that moment we wanted to have a videocamera. A year later, we bought one and my husband wanted to be able to make a real montage of it. So he bought the program Pinnacle. After I saw what you can do with it, I didn't allow him to use it again and since that moment, I am addicted to making little films about everything I encounter in my life. Most of them are with family, so I don't put them on the internet. But more anonymous films will follow! <br />