Robert Cox

---/¯/)-------/¯/)Rock <br />---/¯¯/------/¯¯/On <br />--/-../-------/-../Brother <br />-/--/´¯//'.'//´¯¯`· <br />/´¯/-- /---// ---/¨¯\ <br />('-(---(´--(´ -¯~/'--) <br />-\-------------'---./ <br />--\--------------.·´ <br />---\------------ <br /><br />=============================== <br />=========.][\/][ egadet ][-][.========== <br />=============================== <br />=========.==/\/\ etallic /-\==.========= <br />=============================== <br />===========.|\| irvan /-\.============ <br />=============================== <br /><br />Hello all friends of thrash, welcome to the house of Megadeth, Metallica, and slayer. No anthrax here sorry I havent really listened to um Ill move over my youtube vids soon so untill then wait patiently for my weekend to come, untill then <br /><br />My big 4 list <br />1.Megadeth <br />2.Anthrax <br />3.Mettalica <br />4.Slayer