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I erm... dislike learning in enclosed environments? i prefer trees and mud...just so you know :)

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Saw your comment on tardismedia. Death Comes to Time was indeed semi-animated when it was webcast (like Real Time and Shada) but the BBC took it down from their site some years ago. I don't know why, though BBC Audio released the animated version on an enhanced MP3-CD. Conversely, Real Time and Shada are still online, but only audio versions have been released commercially.
5 years ago by R_M
Out of curiosity which monsters/villains do you want to see return the most?
5 years ago by jewsinspace777
Yeepsi has suggested that I do a celebratory video for my upcoming 200th vid, and has suggested that I do a top ten compilation.

Therefore, please message me if you have any nominations for favourite reconstructed scenes. I might not have room for ten, but I could at least do a top five or top three, depending upon the length of the scenes in question.
5 years ago by R_M
Yesterday the 7th would have been been Jon Pertwee's 90th Birthday.
5 years ago by CarlViola

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