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Psicodreamics is the project that reveals the unique magic, a mysterious and idyllic world of original visual and musical art of Spanish composer Salva Moreno, born in Valencia (Spain) in 1972.

Since 1990 Salva has been growing as independent musician, using various genres in creating instrumental music capturing styles from easy, relaxed and spiritual ambient, new age and neo-classic to powerful upbeat synth, gothic and even a bit of EBM using primitive modulated frequency synthesizers, computers and electronic gear.

A great part of his music world is inspired by mythology and fantasy creating a rich sanctuary showing a haunting and mysterious fairyworld sound.

The music of Psicodreamics has usually been reviewed in specialized radio shows, e-zines and magazines around the world. In addition the man behind Psicodreamics, Salva Moreno, has collaborated with talented international musicians and his music has been published in many compilations and music labels worldwide.

Salva defines his music as an instrument designed to awaken the deepest emotions and intimate feelings of the listener. But his creativity goes beyond that. Each album of Psicodreamics is a vibrant trip, visiting imaginary and fantastic scenes beyond time, space and knowledge.

With nine album composed and thousands of listenings and downloads from his official website, Psicodreamics is one of the main emergent Spanish artists inside contemporary music worldwide.

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