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PROXIAD Group is a provider of software engineering services structured as a network of regional subsidiaries in France (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Rouen) and Bulgaria (Sofia). This configuration allows the group to be extremely reactive to the local needs of its customers and to the autonomy requirements of its employees.

Our services are based on a strategic vision of the evolution of information systems and IT tasks.

Right from the start our focus has been the integration of the new object and decision-oriented technologies within the information systems we develop for our customers.

This process combines professionalism and technological proficiency in order to provide our customers with the benefits of adaptable, pragmatic and efficient solutions.

This structure has made it possible to gather quickly 300 professionals who participate actively in the development of the group while evolving in the meantime towards an ever better expertise in IT businesses and technologies.

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Chti'JUG - 21/09/2009 : Bean Validation / Hibernate Search

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