Created in 2007, PRO MBA has been the leading professional, membership-based certification in management and finance. Our Members are constantly exposed to relevant managerial techniques and knowledge. They are highly-motivated graduates, professional managers and executives with their own vision for the world and their unique ideas to make it better. Our main objective has been to create a revolutionary program that is open to all talented and daring candidates. PRO MBA sets the tone for new entrepreneurial academics that challenge current statu quo in management education. PRO MBA was born from a mix of world-class knowledge and of open-minded entrepreneurial networking.<br /><br />The PRO MBA curriculum offers core knowledge in a modular format over 12 full-day courses. Such core knowledge is typically delivered in MBA programs in top business schools at a very high price. Our modular format allows for efficient, affordable and flexible learning, a step further away from traditional business schools. Making MBA knowledge more accessible and fighting back non-sense in business, PRO MBA primarily focuses on each Member and helps everyone grows and achieves anything, anywhere and anytime.<br />More information on